Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steve Langford CIO from Bvtrn School District

Speaking of equity between schools as it relates to technology, I agree with Steve that there first needs to be a district wide equity conversation. I believe that this conversation needs to start with general values clarification, if it hasn't already, to be sure that "equity" is a community value. This conversation should go deep enough to be sure that the clear majority of folks come to an agreement as to what educational equity specifically looks like, and that it includes technological equity. If it does, then the IT team and principals need to present the current reality of what each school has followed by a needs assessment, and how these needs fit with the ability to reach state/district and school benchmarks. Hopefully, this combination of values clarification and information will motivate the entire community to get behind creating true technological equity in every school, no matter the school's demographics.

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  1. Lauren-you bring up a great point about community values in "equity". There will always be haes and have-nots, but the moral aspect of the inequity must be addressed head-o0n by the community at large before there can be forward movement. Thanks for making me think.